Taja Fox
Helping Creatives monetize their passion and live out their purpose. 



With a passion for educating and empowering, I'm honored to speak to and work with creative entrepreneurs to develop and monetize their brand.

As a Freelance Journalist with emphasis in ministry and teaching, I believe collaboration conquers competition. To me, true success is found when we support and build together.

Whether you are defining your purpose or building a brand, I can help you gain clarity and together we can grow and build the platform you want, with purpose. 


Client Reviews

We contacted Taja to help us promote our new fashion brand miss-he.com. We were interested in gaining a social media presence and more website traffic. The blog raised our social media presence and our website traffic. Taja is a brilliant blogger and we want to keep her for ourselves.
— Hebe
Taja has a great eye and is honest with how things should be done. I love when someone is not bias and provide valid information for me that I can take for future projects!
— Joia W.
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