#ThinkBeContent is NOW = Reflections with Taja

Designed for women who want a healthier spiritual life, Reflections with Taja are devotional moments that will draw you closer to God and provide you with a safe space to share wisdom and experience with like-minded women. Whether you want to build your faith or develop your leadership skills; this network provides the tools to help lead you in the right direction to God’s given purpose.

Things to know about Reflections with Taja:

  • Devotional moments begin this FALL!

  • It’s a closed group available by request only.

  • There will be a small nominal fee to cover curriculum and administrative costs.

  • Reflections with Taja is a group conference call.

  • Space is limited!

What You’ll Discover:

  • How to allow God to move in your life

  • How to build your faith for personal growth

  • How self care and your relationship with God correlates

  • How to maintain a healthy prayer life

  • How to sustain a balanced lifestyle

Don’ t miss out on the opportunity to reach new levels in Christ and embark on God’s purpose for your life!

How can I join Reflections with Taja?

It’s simple! Fill out the form below and tell me what area in your life you’d like to focus on. Members selected will be notified in advance.

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