Why Your Passion Just Isn't Enough

It amazes me to hear people's stories about how they found their passion and the changes it's made in their life. But, in there stories, we forget to explain that passion won't open doors. It's only a guide to get you to point A and point B.

If you're here, you are probably just like many of us, realizing that your passion is a desire and you're getting closer to your ultimate goal. And yet, you aren't sure where to go next or you're trying to monetize your passion and do it full time. 

That's how most of us start, using our passion as the main reason why we wake up every morning to create something better and different for the world, but not being honest with ourselves and aware that it's just not enough. 

In this post, I'm not going to give you the usual advice that you hear about your passion opening doors for you like no other. I'm here to bring attention to the truth about following your passion. 


Instant Success Doesn't Happen Because You Followed Your Passion

Come back to reality, please. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but whoever told you that passion = instant success is completely wrong. 

Sadly, this idea and mindset have caused many people to either give up on what they enjoy doing or cause them to lose focus and consistency in what their hearts desire. There are so many entrepreneurs who set out to do what they love, believing that it will work out smoothly because of this 'passion' and later come to realize that it's just not that simple. 

Newsflash! We aren't paying attention to what you are passionate about. People are generally interested in how you can help them. Let alone, what your work ethic is. 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to figure out what they're passionate about. And to top it all off, it's even harder to get people to open their pockets to pay you for something that you find as your heart's passion. 

Why? Well, the issue is much bigger than that. We have to change our mindset. 

You have to start thinking about your overall goal and how you can create strategies based on your passion. Otherwise, what is your passion good for? How are you working towards your goals? 

If you are able to create a plan based on your passion and personal goals than you are able to shift your mindset to make your passion a little more than something you're excited about. 

Why Life Is So Much More Than Passion

Doing what you love is beautiful, but that's simply not going to cut it. You can aim to do what you love for a living but it can't be done blindly. What is your life's purpose? Yes, you have to find what you are passionate about in order to get to where you need to go but what are you trying to accomplish and why? 

Pursuing your passion is a stepping stone to something greater. You have to define your purpose and live a life that's meaningful to provide your family, and community something of value. 

And sometimes, even that's not enough. You have to realize that your life is so much more than passion. There has to be a connection between your passion and your life that will create results in the world. If you follow this mentality that your passion is enough, you won't' get very far. 

Begin to think outside of your passion and find your life's purpose that will ultimately connect the two. 

Following Your Passion is Just That. There's More Work To Be Done.

To piggyback off the points above, passion isn't the only thing you need in order to get to where you want to be in life. There are specific steps you have to take in order to fulfill a goal. Following your passion comes with work and with work, comes time. Whatever your passion is, you must be willing to do the work, no matter the length of time it takes. 

Volunteer at your local community center or church. Do the odd jobs and connect with people that inspire you while you are building on your passion. Take the time to follow your passion and find fulfillment in doing the work to get to that ultimate goal because this is where your passion meets your purpose and begins to become more than enough.