5 Reasons Why You Are Blocking Yourself From Greater Success

I think we all have the desire to be and do something great. We have this idea of what success looks like and what we desire to be, but are we blocking our success from happening?  

Over the past several years, I've noticed, not once, but on a dozen occasions people knocking opportunities whether it's within a community setting or in the workplace. Many, do not consider the opportunities that are presented to them. Now, of course, there are many reasons as to why some people do not find small opportunities as steps to success. One reason being, they have a hectic schedule and need at least a day or two to themselves, or they've had a terrible experience in the past. 

Whatever the case may be, it's within little moments like this that will stop you from getting one step closer to reaching your goal of greater success. 

Now, by all means, I do not believe you have to stretch yourself thin and take every opportunity presented to you. I am merely saying, that small opportunities are often blessings in disguise. When we find ourselves seeking opportunities in the most unexpected ways, we reach endless possibilities that will lead to greater success. 
Here are five reasons why you are blocking your success from happening and how to get past it. 

5 reasons you are blocking your success.jpg

1.  You are focused on yourself. 

In this current trend of self-care and self-love, we have allowed too many of our desires get in the way of its true meaning. Selfish desires tend to get in the way when we focus on ourselves more than others. 

There's no reason why you shouldn't be helping your peers and your family members. We can not expect to succeed if we are ultimately thinking, "what about me?" If you can learn to change where your focus lies; balance, self-love and self-care will follow. 

2. You are close-minded.

I'm sure you have experienced this in the church, at your job, or even as a parent in your own home. Most of the time when you are close-minded you often criticize what others are doing, the way they are doing it and you aren't open to change. 

Being close-minded is not how you should want to operate in today's society, especially with the constant change we will experience on a day to day basis. If you lack an open-mind and heart, you will lack the ability to think critically, and the possibility of attaining growth.  The solution is to resist tradition. Resist by considering change and being open to things that are not the standard in which you were taught. Educate yourself and notice the transition to an open mind. 

3. You are not intentional about your goals.

We all love the word intentional, but do we honestly know what it means to be intentional with our goals. Are you excited about your goals? Have you planned and research what it looks like to actively accomplish that goal? 

Being intentional about your goals is purposefully putting your goals into action. It means you live according to your plans and being meaningful with your intent behind them. 

If you are not making thoughtful choices and being consistent with the choices you make towards your goals, don't expect anything to happen. You must be intentional in all that you do and know the real meaning of why you are doing them. 

4. You get comfortable too quickly. 

When you start a new project or when you've launched something new, and it starts making progress, you tend to relax and get complacent. The problem here, is, as soon as you start seeing the fruits of your labor you forget why and how you got there in the first place. 

Never believe, for a second, that it's okay to get comfortable. There's a reason why successful people are successful because an accomplishment is just that. You have to show effort and commitment every day, and maintain what you have. This will help you build a healthy momentum and restrain you from getting too comfortable. 

5. You do too much, too soon and don't ask for help. 

As creative entrepreneurs, we can say we've done this in one shape or another. We get so excited to implement something new, or we're so ambitious that we forget, there is a process to everything, not somethings', EVERYTHING! 

If you read my blog post, "I can do it by myself syndrome," you will know that I had to learn to allow others to help me in areas that I know I shouldn't do or couldn't do, myself. There comes a time in your life when you have to learn that micromanaging every single task and not asking for help, does not mean you are superwoman (or man). It comes across a bit selfish when others are willing and capable of helping.

Remember, you are responsible for your success, not your friends or family members, you are. It's important to acknowledge when opportunities present itself and to evaluate your contributions. Figure out what may be hindering you from success and what you should do today to get past it.