3 Reasons Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn't Easy (and why you should probably wait to start monetizing)

How many of you have started monetizing your blog to earn extra income? Is your blog relatively new in the blogosphere? Is monetizing your blog an overwhelming process? If your answer is "Yes," you may need to pause for a second and think about what you can do to make a profitable blog and how monetizing your blog may not be the best fit as of yet. 

So ask yourself the question, should you wait to monetize your blog? Deciding to make money from your blog is one thing but being able to make a profit is another. Before you start monetizing, you may need to improve your blog and spend time growing your audience.

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In today's post, I am sharing reasons why monetizing your blog is not easy and what you can do to address it. 

Monetize Your Blog | Taja Fox

1. You Don't Have An Audience.

Growing your blog takes time and in order to start making money from your blog, you will need a community that loves what you do and will continue to support you. This is also known as your tribe. Your tribe will help you build a platform that not only boosts your blog traffic but will also build your email list. If you are just starting out, create a lead magnet that can generate content for your audience that will, in return, build a community around your brand. Remember, the goal here is to build a profitable blog and the only way you can do that is to have an audience that enjoys your content enough to share it amongst their peers also. And if you need more ideas on how to build a community around your brand, read this post on simple tips for online and in-person community building


2. You Haven't Set Any Goals to Make Money On Your Blog. 

Goals are essential for anything you do in life. Whether you are planning to minimize your closet or build a business, you have to set clear goals to help you achieve them. With that said, is your blog a business or a hobby? If your goal was to make money from your blog, what are you doing to make sure that your blog reaches those goals. 

Change your strategy over a period of time. Why? Because you can't get comfortable in a forever changing world. Why do you think Apple updates it software multiple times throughout the year? Or why do you think Instagram changed it's algorithm? Having a strategy in place not only helps you improve but it will also help you to identify the needs of your audience. Start providing something new to your readers to solve a problem. It will also help you mix things up a bit and become less predictable. 


3. You Don't Provide Valuable Content (or there's not enough content). 

This should be an obvious point for all bloggers. If you have established your goals for your blog, than you should have a clear understanding as to when, how and what content you will provide to your audience that will attract them on a consistent basis. This is your opportunity to provide quality information in a strategic way. However, if you don't provide enough content, you will also lose out on gaining new readers. 

Typically you should have a variety of blog posts per month and some of the blog post should offer a goal where you collect emails, also known as lead magnets. These are aimed to get more readers or clients that will improve your blog and later create income for it. 

So, if you are having problems monetizing your blog, you should take a step back, evaluate your goals and grow your audience before trying to make money from it.  

Have you monetized your blog yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

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