How Twitter Chats Effectively Grow Your Personal Brand

Twitter Chat Tips | Taja Fox

As a content creator, I am always looking for opportunities to connect with my audience while informing them of the free resources that they too, should take advantage of. I've always enjoyed twitter and realized the benefits of getting involved in Twitter Chats since I started my first blog years ago. If you are not sure what twitter chats are, here's how they work: There is a moderator (like myself) who shares questions on Twitter based on a specific topic. Your task is to respond to those questions (using the hashtag, #ThinkBeContent) while also interacting with other participants and their responses. This is the perfect way to meet other's in your area of interest while growing your Twitter and blog following. 

Now, you may be wondering how effective twitter chats are and how they can grow your personal brand; I'm here to tell you that Twitter chat are something big! In my review from Google Analytics alone, I have found that majority of my blog's traffic came from Twitter alone. I'm persuaded that Twitter has its advantages over many platforms, specifically Facebook, where the organic reach is made without paying a structured fee.  (sorry, Facebook!)

And truth be told, Twitter is there to provide you with this specific purpose; to provide you with a platform to interact, share, and grow your personal brand. 

How Can Twitter Chats Help Me?  

Twitter chats are more than just an event. There are many benefits of Twitter chats if you want to get anywhere with your personal brand awareness, here are its advantages:

  • Building authority by sharing ideas - When you participate in (or moderate) a Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to provide insight from your niche and share your most recent projects/blog posts to create awareness while bringing readers to your site. This will build a trust around your brand as you become a valuable resource in your field. 
  • Meeting new people in your niche - After years of participating in twitter chats, I can personally say that you will meet talented creative bloggers and entrepreneurs related to your area of interest. This is my favorite part of twitter chats because it's your opportunity to build lasting relationships and possibly collaborate with these new relationships for a campaign/project. 
  • Connecting with customers and future prospects - There are many twitter chats where the host/moderator asks the participants to share where they are from and what area you need help in - and this is the window of opportunity to connect with people who may need your help. This is perfect for small businesses to gain new clients right at their fingertips. 
  • Become Inspired - No matter what Twitter chat I participate in, I am able to take away something inspirational that will allow me to gain clarity and hope to accomplish my next goal. The members of each twitter chat share their own insight and valuable points which add to your own creativity and motivate you to do more. 

Save on Advertising (A BIG Advantage) 

Now that we have established how effective Twitter Chats are let's discuss how they can attract your target audience. There are various opportunities to mention your business in twitter chats. This is the platform to not only approach the host of the chat about sponsoring the twitter chat, it's also the opportunity to offer services as well. Try these ideas for your next twitter chat:

  • Ask to be a featured host in a community twitter chat in your niche. This will allow you to work with the host on questions that can help market your business.
  • Share a recent blog post based on the general chat's topic. With real engagement, clickable tweets are high in traffic and will provide authentic views for your blog site. 
  • As I stated above, mentioning your business when sponsoring a twitter chat can help promote your various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.. to boost your brand. 

Before you attempt anything, always do your research and find what works best for you. There are so many twitter chats to participate in and I welcome you to join my chat to get acquainted with the twitter life. :)

Need tips on how to grow your blog or business? Want to connect with your audience? Join me on the last Wednesday of every month for #ThinkBeContent Twitter Chat! I'll cover a variety of topics that will help you boost website traffic, connect with your audience and more. This chat is at 9 pm EST. 

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