Re-evaluating My Social Media Strategy

Instagram use to be my favorite social media outlet. I enjoyed the process of taking photos and sharing them with my followers until recently, the platform only showed a small percentage of my audience the new content I shared. I realized, at that point, Instagram wasn't working for me and I had to do something. Have you felt this way about Instagram or other social media platforms? 

I hope this post will motivate you to evaluate your social media strategy.


Note: The process of creating my social media strategy was developed over a period of time so please keep this in mind with the information provided below.  

It was time to change my social media strategy and take advantage of the platforms that were working for me. Here's how I changed my social media strategy and how you can, too.  

Don't Believe The Hype: You Don't Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform.

It sounds like an option that should work for everyone, but unfortunately it doesn't. Most companies and well-known bloggers who have a presence on every social outlet isn't managed by them, which means they have the resources to have other people manage it for them. 

If you are a smaller blogger, brand or influencer, you're most likely managing all the accounts on your own. It's not convenient nor realistic for smaller content creators to have and manage multiple accounts that will most likely lack consistent content. Why? Because life happens and we aren't robots. 

So don't believe the hype. 

Focus on the audience you already have, just a little more.

Many of us bloggers and creative entrepreneurs forget about the audience we already have because we're trying to attract more readers and/or new clients. The problem with this method is when we do forget those who have already been in our corner, we will eventually lose them along the way. 

With millions of people on various social media platforms, if they want to connect and follow you along your journey they will. Trust me. Remain true to your current audience because they will be the ones rooting for you while helping you gain new connections. 

My Social Media Strategy & The Changes I Had to Make

I reviewed the benefits of each social media platform. Before I decided to change up my social media strategy, I had to figure out what social media platform was beneficial for me based on the traffic I received, the convenience of the platform, and where my audience spent most their time. So I ran a few social media tests and reviewed the analytics and it amazed me where I was actually receiving traffic versus where I thought I would receive it. Although I checked my analytics at the end of each month, I never really paid attention to comparing them amongst all the platforms I was using. 

I accepted that only a few platforms worked for me.  If you know me, you know I love Twitter and Pinterest! I had a Twitter account before it became a 'thing' and even with Pinterest, I always used it to find recipes and DIY tips. Little did I know, Twitter and Pinterest were my sweet spots. I received more traffic and love from my community through these platforms than any others. And although I enjoyed using Instagram, I wasn't receiving the same activity as I was on Twitter and Pinterest.  

I evaluated the content I was producing for my audience and added something new. My goal has always been to help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs in their journey but I had to be sure that my content was actually helping them. So I revisited each blog post and reviewed the analytics; and noticed the topics that caught my readers interests. I decided to expand on the topics that interested my readers while also adding a category that I knew my audience would love. Sometimes, it's okay to add something new as long as your audience showed interest. 

I directed my attention to the social media platforms that gave me and my audience what we needed. Even though Instagram and I have a love, hate relationship at the moment, that hasn't discouraged me to stop using it. I just decided to put more of my time and energy on Twitter and Pinterest, since Instagram wasn't working for me. I also found that Instagram stories kept me more relevant on the platform than posting a photo. So I used this method to my advantage and when the time comes, I will produce more content on my Instagram profile. 

I started a monthly Twitter chat.  As I mentioned above, Twitter is my favorite platform to start a conversation and interact with my community. In 2017, I started #ThinkBeContent which is a monthly twitter chat for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs to build relationships and gain valuable knowledge from their peers experiences. We discuss topics related to social entrepreneurship, community building, digital content and more. If you'd like to join us, this chat is every last Wednesday of the month at 9pm EST. Join in the conversation and RSVP to get the questions in advance. 

Do you have a social media strategy?

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