Do You Really Know How to Create a Media Kit? + List of Resources

Media Kits can make or break your relationship with a business or brand. It is important to know how to present yourself as a blogger with the best of you. 

On a weekly basis, I receive blogger collaboration requests and client requests to create a press kit for their company and often times they don't know what to include and how to create a formal media kit. It's even interesting to receive a screenshot of their blog analytics which is a big "NO - NO" because it's unprofessional and we shouldn't have to go through screenshots to figure out what your blog or brand can offer. 

If you don't have a media kit, you can quickly limit and even hinder your opportunity to work with other brands or companies. The best way to have your blog or brand viewed in the best possible light is creating a well-designed and professional document for review. 

Every media kit is different in quality and size, however, they all contain vital information for your blog or brand. Scroll down below to learn what is needed in your media kit. 

Media Kit Tips | Taja Fox

All media kits should include the following: 

  • Your Bio (About Blog) and Photo - This is a way to identify who you are and provide the company with information about your blog or brand. 

  • Your logo - The perfect way to create brand recognition. This adds a stamp on the professional aspect of your blog.  

  • Your social media stats - If you are looking to represent a brand and receive free products or compensation, you should provide how many followers you have on each social platform to showcase your ability to reach an audience that other brands aren't able to. Tip: Also include your social media handles. 

  • Your blog stats - This offers an insight on how many monthly viewers you receive to your site including the topics your audience enjoys reading the most. This helps the company decide whether your market is worth subscribing to. 

  • Your rate and sponsorship opportunities - If your stats are worth an investment, you will offer services to businesses that align with your blog's audience. You can include this on the final page of your media kit. 

  • Testimonials - Being an established blogger and having experience with working with brands and companies means you have a great platform. Provide testimonials from past clients to show how amazing your platform truly is. 

  • Your site imagery -  This should be a three part photo to reflect your blog and brand. Sometimes images from product reviews you've done or images that represent your services add visual insight to your blog. 

  • Your Contact Information - How would a company or brand find you? Include your website link, a phone number, and an email to help the company find you when they need you. Tip: Make sure the information is easy to locate on your media kit and is cohesive with your blogs name. 

Here is a list of free and paid resources below for the perfect media kit.


Photoshop Express - a free basic online photo editing tool from Adobe that allows you to crop, resize and add touchups to images. 

Adobe Photoshop Elements - a less expensive tool to create and edit images with additional features to add layers, filters and adjust the image's color. 


Font Squirrel -  if you don't want to go through a huge list of fonts, try out Font Squirrel with a basic list of fonts that are legal, high quality, and free! 

DaFont - need a variety of fonts to choose from and you're quite the designer, give DaFont a try. They have an endless amount of free fonts to add a special touch to your media kit design. 

Stock Images

PicJumbo - quality free and paid stock images for bloggers and small businesses.  

CreateHer Stock-  I've mentioned CreateHerStock in a blog post a while back because there aren't many stock image platforms that are specifically created for women of color. You can join as a VIP Premium member or sign up to receive free stock photos every month. 

Dreamstime - free high-resolution images and 60 million to choose from.

Pexels - free stock images with no attribution required. 

Pixabay - tons of quality free images for commercial use and you can use them without having to credit the source. 

Media Kit Templates

Blogger Kit Co. - I love vibrant and well-designed media kits that present a certain aesthetic to showcase who you are in one to two pages. Blogger Kit Co has so many amazing options, and I'm not saying this because Coko is my friend. I know from personal experience in working with her in the past that her media kits help bloggers build relationships with brands because of its design. Although this resource comes with a price, it's a great option if you have a strong following to present a well-designed media kit to land the best brand collaborations. 

PinkHexagon -  If you are just starting out as a blogger or have a small following, download PinkHexagon's free media kit template. It's simple, easy to edit and has all the features you need to customize it according to your blog's color scheme.  

If you want even more blog resources, read my latest post on must have blogging tools that will save you time and money