7 Things to Include In Every Blog Post

Whether you're a newbie blogger or have been in the blogging game for some time, you want to make sure that you're producing the best blog posts for your audience.

When I first started blogging years ago, I didn't know the essentials that went into a blog post. Many of my blog posts were not resourceful and after reviewing my analytics, I noticed my readers only gravitated to certain topics. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share the 7 things that you should include in every blog post and how they can grow your platform. 

What to include in a blog post Taja Fox

1. An Appealing Headline

It's vital to have an attractive headline that engages your audience as well as new readers to visit your blog. How do you create an engaging headline? Use catchy phrases to draw attention to your blog post. Also, don't make your headlines too long. Always keep it short and simple. This will elevate your blog post in search engines.


2. Great Points, Bold Sections, Lists, And Sub-Headings

This is an important section in your blog. It provides the style as well as the bulk of the content you provide to your readers, which helps them decide if they would like to continue reading your post or quickly leave your page. Give your readers a clear and organized post that includes lists and subheadings in bold. For example, I've used a numbered list to help my readers navigate through this post. 

It's an easy system to use, not only for your readers but also for you as a blogger. This will help break your content up and will allow you to get your points across on any general topic of interest. 


3. Clear and Consistent Images

Visual content is a must in every blog post, especially in today's digital society. Having visual content helps your readers connect with you as a brand and also your topic, which is super important in the overall look and feel of your blog. This allows your valuable content to be easily shared on social media through plug-ins for search engines like Pinterest. 

It even gives an aesthetic when you provide quality imagery that's consistent with the look of your blog. 

And if you're not a photographer, there are tons of stock image websites that provide quality imagery for you. One of my favorites is CreateHER Stock, specifically for creative entrepreneurs and women of color. 


4. Old & Relevant Links

Links are a great way to increase your blog's SEO. It allows for old posts to get a fresh new view while connecting with other bloggers in your niche by linking one of their relevant posts with yours. This builds relationships while expanding your blog's reach. It is one of the best ways to get people to your site on a consistent basis.

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5. A Call to Action

How are you encouraging your readers to stay connected and grow with you? A call to action is a great way to add value to your readership while converting leads. Provide opt-ins to your email list or create social media plug-ins to help your readers share your most valuable content. Whatever the case may be, make sure it's easy to access and relevant to the content you just provided. 

Also, share your CTA at the very end of each blog post. This will help you meet your audience where they are. 


6. Keywords

Having keywords with unique phrases or words will help your readers find you. When deciding to use specific words in a post, be sure to correlate with the points you want to get across. Use words that are in the headline of your blog throughout your blog post. This will appear more authentic to your audience. 


7. A Focused & Relevant Blog Post

This isn't rocket science, but for some, it may be easy to get off topic in a blog post that you are so eager to share about which can cause your post to run on for days.

Try keeping every blog post short and sweet. No one wants to read for days when they are looking for an answer that caters to their interest. Simply get to the point without being redundant and boring. 


What do you include in every blog post? I would love to hear from you!