How to Get Your Posts Noticed After Hitting Publish

How to Get Your Blog Post Noticed After Hitting Publish | Taja Fox

Ah, finally! You feel the sigh of relief after hitting publish on your new blog post and you can't wait to share it on your platform. But what should you do next? Just share it to the usual channels in hopes that others will share it as well? 

No. Let's not get comfortable. Even though you've created a great post, there is still work to do. Did you know that great content gets unnoticed, too? No matter who you are, your content will still get lost amongst the masses. How do you get your post noticed after publishing? Thankfully, there are many platforms that will accept your content without having to place an AD. 

So, I have put together a few places that I personally use to promote my content. 

Social Media Sites (Automated) 

I'm sure you are aware of sending those posts straight to your social media platforms for your audience. However, after you have scheduled your post for automatic tweets etc.; how are you keeping track of the process. Are you receiving the engagements that will allow you to get noticed in your niche? 

There are many resources available for you within each platform as well as other plugins which are offered upon signing up. Here are a few resources you should utilize:

  • Hoot suite - This is one of the many platforms I use to assist in managing my social media. It not only helps in managing content but it also organizes your posts into a calendar so that you can see an overview of what was previsouly scheduled. This alone does so much visually for future postings. 
  • Tweet Activity - I use this as a guide to see what content my audience enjoys and what I should adjust. This is offered within your twitter account at a click of a button. 
  • Mentions (twitter tip) -  Now, I don't use this method all the time (because it can annoy the other party) however, I do find it helpful when it relates to a specific audience as well as for a particular event. Mentioning someone in a tweet related to the general topic can attract engagements for your post. Again, don't make this a habit unless it's necessary. 


As most content creators and bloggers know, a distribution of weekly or monthly newsletter is a must for your specific audience. If you have not created an opt-in for your mailing list, I strongly recommend that you do so today.

Allow, your newsletter to resemble you and to not bombard them with promotional emails ALL the time. Simply add this as a feature when you are giving them something of value in return. 

If you need ideas, I've found Holly's ten things to send post very helpful. Check it out.  

Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

Now, guest posting can be quite the booster for your blog. In fact, it not only brings awareness to your blog but also to who you are in your area of expertise. 

If I write an article for another platform, I want to ensure two things: how can I link back to one of my blog posts that are of relevance and how can I inform a new audience of who I am.

Also, reaching out to bloggers who have received link credit in one of your posts is valuable. This will allow the blogger to either comment on your post or share on their own platform. 

An example would be the above. I not only linked my newsletter opt-in under the subtopic but also Holly's blog post.

It's not irrelevant and it's a great way to promote because of its organic link. 

    Facebook Groups

    I recently started getting more involved in Facebook groups, even though I've been a part of quite a few over the years. I noticed how quickly my readership grew when I shared my blog's link on one of the Facebook groups posts. 

    I think it's a great way to network with fellow bloggers other than marketing your content. 

    It's also easily accessible and can give you a huge advantage. 

    A great example of this is when I shared a recent blog post last week to promote a relevant issue.  There were a few who came to my blog and commented and others simply read the post, driving traffic to my site. Facebook group

    If your Facebook group allows moments where you can share your content with others, take advantage of the opportunity. 

    Blog Comments

    Hopefully, you spend time commenting on other blog posts. This is a good practice that you should add to your weekly task. 

    In order to make this work for both parties, add a link to your blog post that adds value to their general topic. DO NOT comment on various blog posts with a random blog post link because it's inappropriate and doesn't add value to the discussion.

    Remember to market your content in the proper way in order to gain the attention your blog needs. 

    What is a method you use in getting your blog posts noticed?