10 Ways to Generate Upgraded Content For Your Audience

Content Upgrade | Taja Fox

What is one of the most important things to you as a blogger? Is it being a reliable source in your niche?

Whatever it may be, you will likely offer an incentive or a service to build your readers list in order to be taken seriously as a blogger. Providing content upgrades on your site and/or blog posts is a profitable way to add new subscribers. Why? Because everyone likes getting free stuff!

So, how do you provide upgraded content as a blogger while building your readers list? There are a variety of ways! One of my favorites is creating checklists. It's so easy and budget friendly. 

Now, what are content upgrades you ask? According to Autogrow, "It's giving your readers a free bonus download that's directly related to the topic of the post. The upgrade is considered valuable once it's an added resource."

Content Upgrades for Your Audience | Taja Fox

Here are 10 content upgrades to consider in order to add value to your blog and audience. 


This is one of the most effective resources to act as a solution. Simply create a worksheet that takes the information you've provided and apply it to your reader's situation. I usually create my worksheets in PDF with a list of thought-provoking questions to help readers work through a problem in their specific niche. 


If you haven't thought of creating a mini-course, I highly recommend it. I'm currently going through the details of a mini-course that I'd like to offer my audience and I wish I created it sooner. Depending on your topic, break down what you know into 5-12 lessons and add it to your website, or as an email course.  


As you are aware, checklists are my favorite when it comes to creating freebies! These are so easy to make and can be created without consuming too much of your time. Creating checklist also helps your readers stay productive and can be used over a longer period of time whether its daily or monthly. Download the checklists I offer on my free resource page

Stock Images

This option is easy to create especially for photographers. If your general audience is constantly in search for a specific type of images, you can offer a batch of photos with an email opt-in service. 


There are tons of options you can provide for templates. Create anything from a twitter image graphic to a blog post image, this can be a big content upgrade for those who are unable to create their own without having to tamper with their blogger budget. 

So, if you are a designer consider making a template that's helpful for the general public. Make it an easy edit and add your own special touch.


I love printables! They are great resources for inspiration and also reminds people to stay on track. I love dressing up my walls with quotes and vision boards with free printables to keep me motivated on a daily. Crissy has amazing free printables that I think you would love to try. 


This content upgrade is a popular one amongst bloggers. Planners are always needed for content strategies or just to keep track of our social media analytics. If your audience is seeking a specific need, create a planner geared towards that and use it as a content upgrade. 

Online Magazine

I simply adore this idea because I created a magazine for a local community centered towards lifestyle and culture. This content upgrade is packed with visuals and provides desirable content that gains interest and attention. 

Resource List

Compacting a list of helpful resources all in one document can be quite the upgrade. Although you don't necessarily have to make one list, you can round up a mass list on each specific topic like productivity tools, MailChimp/Convert Kit tutorials - the list goes on. 


Instead of providing documents for download, try stepping up your game with video content. This is the same method you would use as a freebie, by teaching your readers something valuable. You can create anything from a video interview to an instructional video.

Remember to keep in mind the content upgrades you provide are only effective when it attracts the right audience that you want to follow and that it also meets a need for your readers. 

What upgrades do you enjoy providing for your general audience? List your favorites below.