Killer Tips For Branding Your Social Media

Are you easy to find on social media? When your audience stops by your profile, are they engaged? If you can't say, "YES" to any of those questions, we have some branding to do.

Branding is a representation of YOU. Your brand is who you are and presenting a consistent style of imagery, color and everything in between gives your audience a glimpse of who you are. 

The purpose of this post is to help you present a killer brand image through your social media. 

Branding Your Social Media Tips | Taja Fox

Be Easy to Identify

There are billions of social media users out there and you have to make sure to stand out. I highly recommend that you have the same profile image in every social media account. Why? Because you want people to get familiar with you. 

You don't want to be overlooked because you left your audience searching to see if an account belonged to you, let alone miss out on additional follows. 

How can people identify you? One great example is your profile image. You can see my Twitter account below includes a simple profile image that is also shown across my other social platforms. Being recognizable is a key component in branding. 

twitter tajafox

Have a Cohesive Theme

Creating a website with a logo isn't just enough anymore. If you want a brand identity that is easily defined, you have to build a cohesive theme. What colors and fonts relate to your brand? 

A cohesive theme showcases everything from the illustrations you choose, the content you display as well as the tone of voice you present in your writing. 

Being consistent as much as possible with your overall look helps create a cohesive theme that won't be forgotten. Every little detail counts and not trying to display the best part of yourself will cause your audience to lose interest which will deny you from growing your platform. 

Tip: Pinterest is a great platform to create a cohesive theme through visual pinning. As you can see below, I have pinned to each board an image that correlates with each topic to help my audience identify my Pinterest acount. 

taja fox pinterest

Add Your Website to Every Social Media Site

This is one of the most important components in branding. Adding your website link in every social profile places value and credibility with your brand. I don't know how many times I have come across bloggers and company profiles and have not seen a website link. If they did not tweet or share a previous link from their website to their feed, I would have quickly moved on to the next person. 

If you use social media for your blog or business, it's very important to add your website as the main source of contact and reference. Your audience, as well as companies, come across your platform at least once a week - it would be wise to leave a link that showcases who you are and how you can help others. 

Include Your Personality

Branding your personality has to be one of the easiest yet most mistaken aspects in establishing on social platforms. We generally don't know how to make a clear distinction between our personality and our audience. Your personality should be introduced through your niche and the cohesive theme you present on your website, etc. 

One of my favorite ways to include my personality on social media is through my content. I provide tweets that are tailored to my audience as well as the blog posts I share to specifically help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

Tip: Try focusing on one social media account at a time and ask your audience general questions that could help bring out your personality.

Display a Consistent Photo Style

Creating a consistent identity through imagery and editing is a BIG element in your brand. I am still learning this today - where visual elements such as photography, illustrations truly help define who you are. 

Take Instagram for an example. This social platform is known for consistent style imagery. If you want to make a lasting impression, start there. You can create a look and a feel from just one image, and while making it correlate, not only in color but also in style.  This will produce a killer brand imagery that relates to your overall brand. 


What tips help you in branding your social media?