Blogging Tools You Need to Save You Time & Money

In my last post I shared with you the most important things to include in every blog post, but not every one has the time or budget to produce various types of content for their audience. So, here are some great tools that you should use to save you time and money while producing quality content. 

blogging tools to save you time and money

One thing is for sure, I love finding free tools to help me throughout my blogging journey. I can't tell you how many times I have searched for tools that will not only keep me productive but also allow me to store and create content without a huge fee.

After trial and error in testing a number of blogging tools, I have found some that are easy to use and others that lack features I need in order to produce the type of content for my blog. 

I always say take advantage of free trials before upgrading your plan. This will give you the opportunity to see which tools convert before you invest your hard-earned dollars.

The tools that I have selected below are extremely helpful and free to use, however, if you have multiple streams of content to produce as well as manage various social media accounts I would upgrade your plan accordingly. 

Here are my favorite blogging tools that you should start using today. 


The title says it all. I was told about this tool last year and immediately had to have it because what is a blog without the proper grammar. This tool helps you avoid silly writing mistakes which can happen to anyone in the world of autocorrect. If you don't have a good grasp of the English language and want to convert your readership into dollars. I would definitely suggest this tool as an investment. Grammarly offers annual, monthly and quarterly plans and will even give you your money back within 7 days of your purchase if you aren't completely satisfied. You honestly can't lose with this tool. 

Hootsuite or Buffer

Talk about a time saver! Hootsuite and Buffer are one of my most favorite blogging tools of this list to date. I use both applications to schedule social media content for personal and professional use.

I do not pay for either of the tool's features because there is plenty you can do with the free version, however, when I am ready to utilize Hootsuite and Buffer to the fullest, I will upgrade my plan because it is absolutely essential and worth the investment. 


I recently started using Canva to see what the hype was all about and found how great of a tool it is for bloggers like us. It's handy when creating graphics for social media and your blog plus it has ready to use templates right at your fingertips.

I find this useful mostly while I'm traveling if I don't have my laptop nearby. I think it's an amazing tool on the go, but I wouldn't use it unless I'm out and about. However, you may find this necessary if you don't have photoshop or some other photo editing software. 


Dropbox has always been a necessity in my book since college days. It is a cloud storing tool that I use to store content for you guys, when you need to access my freebies for download. You can use this tool on almost any device and can link it for sharing purposes as well. 

It definitely saves you time and money from having to use multiple USBs and in case you forgot a file or have a computer meltdown, you can quickly access it for emergencies. Dropbox is free up to 2GB of cloud storage and once you have reached the limit, you can pay a monthly fee of $8.25. Totally affordable! 


If you haven't caught on to the amazing world of Gmail, you are missing out! Gmail has features once you have signed up for an account. And it's ALL FREE!  You can compose emails and customize your account with a theme or photo of your choice. But that's not all. Along with your email account, you have access to an entire list of Google products like: 

Google DocsA quick and efficient way to create and edit documents with a choice of templates to help you finalize projects or organize events all in one setting. As a blogger, this is a great tool if you want to cut down on having to sign up for an additional platform to create a newsletter for your subscribers. 

Google DriveAgain, this is another vital tool to backup videos, documents, and photos on one platform. And it's free up to 15GB. 

Google Hangout - If you haven't realized that this is now the cooler version of Skype for group calls, you must bookmark it now. This tool can be used for so many things, like webinars and voice call to follow up with clients. You can create events and invite your subscribers or whomever to be a part of an amazing chat for FREE - and all you need is WiFi. 

So trying these blogging tools should be a no brainer because they are all absolutely free until you are ready to upgrade if need be. Test each tool out and find which one suits you best. 

Are you currently using any one of these tools?  I would love to hear from you! 

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