5 Quick and Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog Today + FREE Worksheet

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog | Taja Fox

A blog takes persistence and I'm here to share with you what helped me improve my blog. 

There are many of us who want to improve our blogs but realize "I don't have enough time." What if I told you there are some quick and simple ways to improve your blog today without taking up too much of your time. If you want to increase your blog's traffic and make a difference in your brand, try these five things that will make a difference in the future of your blog. 

Make sure your blog reflects who you are. Blogs are a reflection of its owner and not being authentic will show throughout your posts. Every blog has a specific niche that caters to a specific audience and has a clearly defined purpose. For example, my blog's primary objective is to share tips and experiences that will benefit my audience in subjects like branding and blogging. Define your blog's niche and make sure it reflects you. 

Link back to your own posts within another relevant post. Every blog post you have ever written is valuable and will always be valuable if you want it to be. Little do you realize, there are millions of people who have yet to come across your blog and linking back to a relevant post will increase not only one, but both blog posts. This method will help market your blog's brand and its content.

Use Disqus as a commenting system. Blog commenting plays a vital role in building a relationship between the blogger and its audience. Having re-designed my blog within the past year and a half, Disqus was one of the first plugins I installed in order to create a better method of communication for my audience. It's one of the most commonly used commenting systems that allows you to easily visit other blogs while keeping you up to date with comments. In order to improve in your blogs SEO, Disqus is key in attracting your specific audience while giving a clean and minimal design to fit your blogs layout.

Delete any unnecessary plugins as they may slow down your blog's loading time. Just like Spring cleaning your blog needs a little cleaning, too. Do you remember adding a cute pop up to your blog specifically during a giveaway or a new course; well, it's been months and that time has passed. Make sure to remove any un-relevant plugins that may cause your page to run slower than normal. This will deter readers from not only reading your posts but wanting to come back to your blog in general. So, simply clean house.

Know your blog stats and get a handle on them. Do you track your blog's statistics? It's fairly simple. There are many programs in assisting you to track your blog's unique visitors and page views. If you don't have a clue what I am talking about, research Google Analytics. This method will give you an idea of what your audience enjoys reading and will also improve your content strategy.

What works for you when improving your blog? Share your tips below.