3 Things You Must Know Before Launching

3 Things You Must Know Before Launching tajafox.com.jpg

In April 2014, I launched Bermuda Bliss - a online magazine that highlighted local entrepreneurs and small businesses across the island. I remember feeling excited and overwhelmed before the launch. Will people enjoy the magazine? How will I be able to reach my offline audience? 

It amazes me after several years in and having received the response from people that I did not know, helped me to identify the areas of a launch that works and the areas that need much attention. I'm surprised at how a launch can limit your platforms growth within the first month. While I'm still growing, I can happily say, none of this would not have been achieved if I did not start. 

If you are reading this and thinking about launching, whether it's a blog, new product or business, here are three lessons I've learned that may help you on your new journey: 

Establish who you are catering to

Every brand or business has a specific audience that can be divided into three groups: an audience in need,  an audience who wants a resource to make life easier and an audience that is purely there for entertainment.

You have to think from your audience point of view. How will I be able to find you if I am looking from the outside? It is vital to place yourself in their shoes and to stop catering to yourself. 

With a clearly defined target audience, it is much easier to determine where and how to market your company
— Mandy Porta, inc.com

A Cohesive Promotion is Key  

When you are just starting out, having a clear and cohesive look is very important in promoting and establishing who or what your brand is. This also includes the look of your logo, content, and imagery. How will your audience be able to find you?  What type of content will you provide? For example, each time I publish a new blog post, I not only share them on all major platforms but I also have a consistent design and tone.  You can establish this by following brands that do the same like Girl Boss, EGOHuffington Post, and study how they reach their audiences through promotion. 

Remember: A brand is not merely a symbol or a name, but the culmination of communications and experiences that a person receives from every contact with your organization.
— Laura Johnston and Susan Kirchner, www.edwardlowe.org

You don't have to have it all figured out, but know what you want your end result to be. 

We are often told that we must know every single detail in order to begin or establish anything. And this is not true. We are forever learning, changing and growing and it's impossible to know everything as life is always evolving. When I wanted to launch my website, I didn't have a designer on hand to help me create a logo and explain what is required in order to do so, and I didn't allow that to stop me from launching. I made an effort to find other means to make this launch happen. The end result is what you are working to build and should be the one thing that drives you. So get started, do your research and define what you want your success to look like and make it happen. 

I would love to hear what lessons you have learned from launching. Share below.