Bloggers Choosing Brands: What We're Doing Wrong

There is a common discussion between bloggers, in every niche, about working with brands and money. In some cases, a blogger will work with brands for free stuff which could appear as unprofessional or their are other bloggers who will only select brands who will compensate them for there work; or a little bit of both. Here are a few points of criticism of bloggers choosing brands and why we're doing it all wrong. 

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Blog TipsTaja Fox
How to Grow a Community Around Your Brand (Online + In-Person)

So, how do you grow a community? I say stick to what you know and can do best. It's so easy to get caught up in all the platforms that are offered to us and become overwhelmed before even knowing what to do. But getting frustrated and not being able to engage with your audience the right way will be a huge waste of your time. 

After noticing what platforms work best for me, I wanted to share some tips that can grow your community whether it's online or in-person building. 

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